Today’s (19/07) frontpage of De Telegraaf. The biggest newspaper in The Netherlands opens with the headline MURDERERS.


A commercial airplane was shot today.
283 people we’re killed today…
283 people… Just let that sink in. Parents, nieces/nephews, brothers/sisters. So many family’s were hurt today and I can’t imagine there pain.

I just hope the world will united and make a pact against this fucking coward Putin. YOU CANT KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE FUCKING DICK.

Please USA, UN and EU do something about this men. Don’t let him get away with this.

And for the families who suffer a great loss today: I will keep you in my prayers.

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A fact about Oscar: He was only three-years-old when his father, Oscar dos Santos Sr, was tragically killed in a car crash.

Oscar said: “You want to know your dad is watching your games, following your progress, even if it’s from afar. Football is something you share with your father, and that is something I do not have. I see other players who can do that with their dads and it still affects me, every day.”


"you can’t hate germany nt they play such beautiful football"

yet here i am

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I feel so amazingly sad for Messi. I’m so glad he isn’t crying. I can’t handle him crying.


Goddamn, this shit hurt ME

Neuer hits Higuain in the head

LOL and Higuain made the foul according to the referee xD

Men is blind

Should have been a penalty and a red card.

How the fuck is this Higuaín’s fault!???

Red card and a penalty for sure.

WC 2014 

That was a fucking red card for Neuer and a penalty for Argentina.

Referee is scared to take these kind of decisions.

WC final



Brazil - the most passionate team to sing their anthem

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